Killarney Cocktail Bar

The Lane specializes in cocktails and boasts the finest bartenders serving Killarney’s best cocktails with flair of fun thrown in for good measure! 

This Summer why not feast on our fantastic daily range of Cocktails in our promotion that will suit all tastes and desires!

Our cocktail menu is comprised of our signatures which have been created by our talented Killarney cocktail bar team; our favourites, the originals where we don’t mess around, sharing cocktails and of course non-alcoholic cocktails for the designated drivers. Tempted? Have a browse through our extensive Ross Cocktail Menu.

If you can’t decide from our list, please tell us your favorite flavours and let us produce something that takes your fancy!

If you'd like to book your very own cocktail making class at a Killarney hotel please contact us and we'll fit you right in.