The Pink Lounge  Recommendations


Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin €7.00

ABV 43% Garnish Suggestion: Lime and Grapefruit

Brockmans €7.50

ABV 40% Garnish Suggestion: Blackberries and Grapefruit

Monkey 47 €8.50

ABV 47% Garnish Suggestion: Fresh Strawberries 

Jawbox €7.50

ABV  43% Garnish Suggestion: Fresh Lime and Ginger 

Martin Millers €6.50

ABV 40% Garnish Suggestion: Basil and Grapefruit 

Hoxtons €7.00

ABV 40% Garnish Suggestion: Grapefruit twist 

Star of Bombay €8.00

ABV 47.5 Garnish Suggestion: Orange twist 

Tanquerary Rangpur €7.20

ABV 41.3% Garnish Suggestion: Lime twist

Gin Sul €9.00

ABV 43% Garnish Suggestion: Orange and Rosemary 

Dingle €5.20

ABV 42.5% Garnish Suggestion: Cucumber and Lime 


House Gins

                          Bombay Sapphire €4.70                            

ABV 40%

Based on a recipe which dates back to 1761, Bombay Sapphire was first introduced in 1987, using 10 botanicals sourced from all over the world including Italian Juniper, Spanish Lemon peel, Chinese Liquorice and Moroccan Coriander to create this distinct and flavourful gin by capturing the flavour of the botanicals from their vapours, a process known commonly as Vapour infusion.

Serving Suggestion: Being such a distinctive flavour Bombay Sapphire goes great quite simply with either fresh Lemon or Lime depending on your preference.

Bombay Sapphire East €5.00

ABV 42%

Launched in 2011, like its predecessor Bombay Sapphire East is created through the art of Vapour infusion with the same 10 botanicals plus 2 more, Vietnamese Black peppercorn and Thai Lemongrass which gives this gin a very nice mild spice for those who are not a fan of sweet.

Serving Suggestion: To get a greater spice, we recommend trying with fresh lime and jalapeno peppers.


Star of Bombay €8.00

ABV 47.5%

The newest and most premium of the Bombay family, Star of Bombay was released to the Irish Market in 2015. Master of Botanicals, Ivano Tonutti and his team were instrumental in sourcing new and exotic ingredients that would play with the harmony of the original recipe. The addition of gently dried bergamot orange peel from the Calabria Mountains in Italy and Ambrette seeds from the tropical yellow hibiscus flower of Ecuador lifts the existing botanicals to bring this gin to an entirely new standard. Finally the art vapour infusion once again gives all aromas and flavours the time to reach highest possible quality that Star of Bombay has to offer. 

Serving Suggestion: Goes best with an orange twist.   


Irish Gins

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin €7.00

ABV 43%

When Patrick Rigney was looking for a location to open his distillery he wanted it to be in a place of inspiration surrounded by nature and history in the heart of rural Ireland, he never would have thought that the perfect place was in Drumshanbo Co Leitrim the very same place where his parents first met over 60 years ago. Gunpowder gin combines two methods of copper still and vapour infusion in their distillation process. Locally sourced juniper, meadow sweet, caraway seed and star anise to name a few are added to a medieval copper still which was purposely made for the shed distillery. It is then vapour infused with lemon, lime, grapefruit and gunpowder tea to give a flavour that is bold, bright with a slight spicy freshness. The Shed distillery by Patrick Rigney is the first distillery in Connacht in over 101 years.

Serving Suggestion: For a refreshing combination of bitter and sweet, try gunpowder gin with both grapefruit and lime.

Berthas Revenge €7.00

ABV 42%

Made from Milk, yes we said Milk. Berthas Revenge uses whey alcohol as their base spirit. When making cheese from milk it is first separated into curds and whey. The curds go on to become cheese and the whey would have been regarded as a waste product but from whey you can make alcohol and from alcohol you can make gin. Based in Ballyvolane House Co Cork, to honour the memory of Bertha, a Droimeann cow from Sneem in Co Kerry who lived to the age of 48 years old and having bred 39 happy and healthy calves, the team at Ballyvolane House decided to immortalise the world’s oldest cow in spirit, literally. 18 botanicals come together to craft this Irish Milk Gin, some include grapefruit, lemon, elderflower, cumin, cinnamon, sweet woodruff and peppery alexander.

Serving suggestion: Berthas Revenge matches well with a combination of sweet and sour, we recommend fresh lemon and elderflower.  

Shortcross €7.20

ABV 46%

Founded in 2012 Shortcross gin was created by husband and wife team Fiona and David Boyd- Armstrong in their Rademon estate distillery in County Down, Northern Ireland. This classically created gin has a unique twist, with such ingredients as elderberry, wild clover and fresh apple.

Serving Suggestion: Best served with fresh sliced apple.

St Patricks Elderflower Potato Gin €6.50

ABV 40%

As Irish at they come! Crafted in small batches from Douglas, Co Cork, St Patricks Elderflower Potato Gin has a base spirit made completely from potatoes, mainly from the Lady Clare and Rosetta potato varieties. The spirit is then infused with botanicals including, juniper, lemon, lime, coriander and liquorice. Finally the gin is perfumed and flavoured with Irish Elderflower to give a sweet and refreshing taste that has no comparison.

Serving suggestion: To further enhance its botanicals, we recommend this gin is best served with fresh lemon and basil.

Glendalough Wild Spring Botanical Gin €6.80 

ABV 41% 

One of the four seasonal gins from Irelands first craft distillery, Glendalough forges all their locally sourced botanicals only 24 hours before distillation. Botanicals include orange, lemon, sweet woodruff, dandelion leaves, black currant leaves, blackberry leaves and water mint. The final product, just like spring is a breath of fresh air. Sweet aromas and flavours with a refreshing long lasting taste on the palate perfectly captivating the season in which it inspires. 

Serving suggestion:  Being such a sweet and refreshing inspired gin, we discovered that fresh lime and seasonal berries topped off with elderflower tonic works perfectly. 

Dingle €5.20

ABV 42.5%

Our most local gin. Dingle gin is produced in batches of only 500 litres at a time. Classed as a London style gin, what makes Dingle so special is its choice of botanicals and the painstaking process of choosing them which include bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather truly giving a taste of the Kerry landscape. This spirit is distilled using water from their own well only 70 metres away from the distillery. Dingle gin is a product which came from a huge amount of research both technical and historical.

Serving Suggestion: Dingle goes best with fresh lime and also with a combination of cucumber and lime.


Highbank Organic Crystal Irish Gin €8.00

ABV 40%

The only Irish gin that is 100% organic, This gin comes from the Highbank Orchards in Co Kilkenny where it is grown, distilled and bottled.12 organic botanicals altogether which include juniper, apple, blackcurrants, lavender, citrus peel and coriander, on the nose you get an unforgettable apple aroma and that taste will make you think you are biting into a fresh green apple, but with gin. 

Serving suggestion: To get that fresh summery flavour we recommend trying with fresh apple and strawberries.

Thin Gin €6.00

ABV 40%

Hailing from Knockanore Co Waterford the story of Thin Gin dates back to when its creator Isaac Thin tasted an exquisite gin in Paris and was unable to source it again. When he started working with Blackwater spirits in Waterford they created Thin Gin which contains, strong citrus notes of orange, lemon and lime along with thyme, elderflower and white cloves, the result is a very juniper influenced sweet and fruity gin that will go down very well with the right mixer.

Serving suggestion:  As thin gin is so well balanced we suggest fresh lime and raspberries to bring out all botanicals best. 

Blacks of Kinsale Gin €6.20

ABV 42%

Originally a craft beer brewery and a damn good one at that, Blacks Brewing based in Kinsale Co Cork launched their gin in March 2016. This spirit is handcrafted with the combination of Angelica and Orris root, coriander and bitter citrus that will linger to the end giving a long dry finish. This gin packed with so much juniper oil, when stirred over ice it will give a distinctive haze that will then bring out its dominating juniper flavour.

Serving suggestion: For that bitter citrus dryness we suggest fresh lime and watermelon. 


Blackwater Hedgerow Gin €6.50

ABV 30%

Blackwater distilleries’ winter themed gin. A combination of sloes, damsons, blackberries and crab apples are used, macerated and left to infuse over time, the finished product is sweet with a bitter after taste. This is Ireland’s first sloe gin.

Serving suggestion:  Make sure to ask about how we use Hedgerow gin in our Blackwater bramble.  

Blackwater No 5 €6.00

ABV 41.5%

In Victorian times Whites of Waterford exported herbs, tea and spices to Ireland. Their vessels would import from all over the globe and dock in Cappoquin Co. Waterford, which is less than one kilometre from the distillery used today. Inspired by this, Blackwater No 5 only uses same the botanicals in their gin that were imported to Ireland by Whites of Waterford in the 19th century including bright coriander, warm cinnamon and tangy citrus, the result was a clean, crisp London style dry gin.

Blackwater Juniper Cask €7.80

ABV 46%

Being Ireland’s first barrel aged gin, Blackwater Juniper cask contains the same botanicals as its predecessor Blackwater No. 5 but in different quantities. The casks in which the gin is made are purpose built for the company using juniper oak sourced from Eastern Europe which can hold up to 50 litres. After ageing, the gin’s sweeter notes such as liquorice are enhanced which balances with the juniper oaks. This influences the final product as a pale straw yellow in colour.  Still a very young gin, when an early draft of Blackwater Juniper Cask was introduced at the Junipalooza gin festival in London, it sold out immediately. 

Serving Suggestion: With an enhanced sweetness and spiced undertone, we suggest rosemary and a grapefruit twist 


Blackwater Wexford Strawberry €6.50

ABV 40%

Using fresh strawberries grown in there neighbouring county of Wexford, the team at Blackwater adds the strawberries during distillation and again before bottling giving the gin a pale pink colour. The final product is sweet fruity, giving the subtle aroma of juniper, strawberry, orange and lemon on the nose and a very a sweet taste completed by coriander and other spices. Not too over powering and of a London dry style. 

Serving suggestion; Blackwater distilleries suggest that adding fresh strawberries, basil and cracked black pepper helps bring out the gins flavour best.

Mor €7.00

ABV 40%

Hailing from Tullamore Co Offaly, this Irish gin uses a rich combination of earthly root botanicals, subtle florals and vivid fruits filtered with the running waters of Slieve Bloom to create a most unique gin. Mor’s main botanicals include; juniper, coriander, raspberry, perfumed angelica and rosemary giving a sweet, refreshing flavour that is long lasting. People, craft and innovation has shaped Mor into the product it is today.

Serving suggestion: Fresh lime and raspberries is recommended as the best garnish for this midlands based gin.

Jawbox €7.50

ABV 43%

This single estate gin from Belfast uses only locally sourced malt and barley for its creation. The gin is slowly distilled in a copper pot still to ensure they are getting the best possible flavour from their ingredients. Finally the vapour extraction method is used to preserve its delicate flavour and aroma; botanicals include Juniper, coriander, grains of paradise cardamom and orris root. The result is a spicy gin with a very strong cardamom influence and a long lasting finish.

Serving suggestion: After some trial and error we discovered that Jawbox goes excellently with fresh lime and ginger beer.


World Gins

The Botanist €8.00

ABV 46%  

The Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay in Scotland had always been well known for its scotch whiskey including the most heavily peated whiskey in the world. The Botanist was introduced in 2011 sourcing 22 of the gins 31 botanicals directly from the island of Islay. Botanicals include; apple mint, chamomile, thistle, hawthorn, lemon balm, meadowsweet, water mint and spearmint. This product has a bitter citrus and minty aroma finalised with floral notes and a spiced persistence.  

Serving suggestion: For that citrus and refreshing flavour that the botanist gives to be enhanced further, we recommend trying fresh lime.

Gin Sul €9.00

ABV 43%

Named because of its strong connection with Portugal this Hamburg based “gin of the south” came to be when the company’s managing director, Stephen Garbe was traveling in south Portugal. While on his travels Garbe came across a plant known as Labdanum which impressed him for its earthy aroma. Today, Gin Sul imports Labdanum, oranges and lemons from their very own plantation in south Portugal combined with juniper, rose blossom and rosemary to give its final flavour. Finally this gin is filled into white clay bottles to guarantee the spirits safety from any light or temperature fluctuation 

Serving Suggestion: Gin Sul goes best with a sprig of fresh rosemary and an orange twist for sweetness.

Martin Millers €6.50

ABV 40%

Martin Millers gin originates from Stamford in London, it is here that its 8 botanicals are added together some of which include, angelica, liquorice root, cassia bark and florentine iris. Once all the botanicals are added the mix it is then shipped to Iceland and blended with glacial lava filtered water which is believed to be the purest water in the world. Lastly one final secret ingredient is added and everything is then shipped back to London for bottling and distribution.

Hoxtons €7.00

ABV 40%

The brainchild of Gerry Calabrese and James Rackham, this French gin uses botanicals such as coconut, grapefruit, ginger, tarragon and a heavy juniper influence giving an unbelievable sweet coconut aroma and finalised with a bitter spice on the palate with the longest lasting finish over a gin we have available in the Pink Lounge, something truly unforgeable indeed

Serving suggestion: Being such a complex gin, a grapefruit twist tops everything off perfectly adding to that long flavoursome finish.

Tanqueray 10 €7.50

ABV 47.3%

Named after the number 10 still in the Tanqueray distillery, this premium gin which was released in 2000 and has all of the botanicals of its original with the addition of grapefruit, orange, lime and chamomile totalling 8 botanicals altogether which is what gives it the unique and smooth flavour it is known for. Tanqueray 10 is the first and currently only gin to be awarded into the spirits hall of fame in 2013.

Serving Suggestion: This is the ultimate gin if you love your classic martini’s quite simply finished off with a lemon twist for perfection.  

Tanqueray Rangpur €7.20

ABV 41.3%

Arguably the most premium of the Tanqueray family, Rangpur limes which are said to be a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges are used along with bay leafs and a hint of ginger to create this gin giving a very citrusy aroma and a more zesty well balanced taste leaving a smooth, dry, citrus finish. Tanqueray Rangpur truly is something in its own league of flavour

Serving suggestion: Being such a citrus influenced gin, we recommend trying Rangpur with a lime twist and a bitter tonic to finish it off.


Copperhead €14.00

ABV 40%

So the old story goes, Mr Copperhead was an alchemist in search of the elixir of life, through the combination of five botanicals, juniper, coriander, cardamom, orange peel and angelica root is from where we have this most refreshing gin. Being our only gin from Belgium, Copperhead is truly something interesting with a distinct flavour

Serving suggestion: We recommend Copperhead gin to be served with an orange twist and Poachers Irish tonic to further enhance its slight spiced undertones. 


Bloom €7.00

ABV 40%


This gin was created by Joanne Moore who is one of the world’s first female master distillers. Bloom was created by the inspiration of the true beauty of nature, incredibly floral in flavour, bloom botanicals contain chamomile pomelo and sun warmed honeysuckle giving you the most delicate gin drinking experience imaginable. This sweet and floral gin has won over 29 international awards since its creation in 2008.


Serving suggestion: Joanne Moore, master distiller of Bloom recommends herself that this product is best enjoyed with fresh strawberries and elderflower to further enhance the gins sweet, floral and refreshing flavour.


Gin Raw €9.50

ABV 42.3%

Commonly known as “Barcelona in a bottle” this Spanish gin creates the combination of two very different flavours, Mediterranean and Exotic.  Created by a perfumer, mixologist, sommelier and a chef, their aim was to stimulate every sense possible when consuming the spirit. Such botanicals include lemon, lime cedar and laurel for the Mediterranean flavour and kaffir lime leaves, black cardamom and coriander for the exotic flavour. The final result is a refreshing gin that gives a strong balance of sweet over spice topped off in a very attractive yellow and clear bottle. Gin Raw hold its head high in being Barcelona’s first gastronomy gin, one that will no doubt go down in history.

Serving suggestion:  To enhance the Mediterranean botanical of Gin Raw, we recommend trying it with both fresh lime and grapefruit together.

Serving Suggestion: Martin Millers goes amazingly with basil and fresh grapefruit for that perfect blend of aromatic, sweet and bitter.


Hayman's Old Tom Gin €7.50 

ABV 40%

Dating back to the early 1800's, Old Tom gin is of a style that would have been mainly associated with English Victorian times, traditionally this style of gin would be served over ice only but in recent years Old Tom is starting to see a comeback in classic cocktails such as the Martinez and the original Tom Collins. Hayman's has a well-rounded balanced flavour and a strong citrus influence. 

Serving suggestion:  To go tradition, Hayman's Old Tom gin goes really well over ice with fresh orange and lime to balance the flavour or in our own old tom Martinez.

Aviation  €6.80

ABV 42%

Howdy partners. Aviation of the Pacific Northwest was introduced in 2006 after 2 years and 30 different rounds of distillation before finding the recipe used today. This gin explores rich, floral and savoury tones including lavender, anise seed and sarsaparilla putting a fantastic American twist on a predominantly European spirit.

Serving Suggestion:  Due to its spice and floral flavours, the team from Aviation recommend that this spirit goes best with both fresh lemon and lime together squeezed first and then adding the gin to your glass, over ice of course.     

Gin Mare €9.00

ABV 42.7%

A Mediterranean gin that combines flavours from the various cultures all around its region - Botanicals include Spanish citrus & olives, basil from Italy, thyme from Greece and juniper and coriander of which is grown on their own farms. Its name “Mare” is taken from the phrase “Mare Nostrum” which has a universal meaning that describes the lifestyle of the Mediterranean which included a love for food, drink and pleasant weather.

Serving suggestion: Having such a vast range of botanicals that pair together so well, we recommend trying Gin Mare with olives and fresh lime to enhance the citrus and give a slightly salted after taste.


Brockmans €7.50

ABV 40%

Originally, Brockmans came to be when a group of friends in Surrey, England were all together and decided they wanted to create a gin like no other. The main flavour of this gin is sweet and intensely smooth. Infused with 10 botanicals including blackberries, blueberries, lemon, orange and juniper.

Serving Suggestion: Though your original gin would always go with tonic, Brockmans goes equally well with ginger ale and blackberries for the ultimate garnish.   

Whitley Neill €7.00

ABV 42%

Inspired by Africa and crated in England, Whitley Neill contains the 7 botanicals you would see in any London dry gin. With the addition of Cape gooseberries and tart fruit pulp from the Baobab tree, known to natives as tree of life is where we get something special. A fourth generation distiller Johnny Neill got his inspiration to use African botanicals in his gin when listening to his wife tell him stories of growing up in Africa and of its culture. Distilled in a 100 year old copper still, Whitley Neill has sweet flavours and a light well balanced finish. Moved so much by the stories of his wife’s native country after the creation of this gin Johnny Neill has stated that a small contribution of every bottle sold will go towards the restoration and tree aid of Africa. Drink Gin, save the world. Bob Geldof would be proud.

Serving suggestion: This gin goes perfectly with a thick cut slice of fresh orange and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water.    

J.J. Whitley Elderflower Gin €5.00

ABV 38.6%

From the makers of Whitley Neill, this gin which was launched in 2016 is of a classical London dry style and a very strong elderflower influence. Botanicals include juniper coriander, bitter citrus and a nice, warming presence of cinnamon. The final flavour is very sweet refreshing and hard to forget, perfect for a summers evening.

Serving suggestion: Being such a sweet gin, mixing with fresh mint and lime makes for a very refreshing experience


Bols Genever €6.00

ABV 42%

Genever is the national spirit of the Netherlands and from which gin evolved. Genever would have a more of a malty flavour as opposed to citrus and refreshing that would see in a standard gin. Bols Genever is made to a recipe dating back to 1820 using over 50% malt wine made from fermented rye, corn wheat and is then triple distilled in copper stills. If it wasn’t for Genever we wouldn’t have gin so thank you Genever. Fun fact; Genever is also where the term “Dutch courage” came from.

Serving suggestion: There is absolutely no need to overcomplicate this malted spirit; Genever is best served over ice, no fruit.

Monkey 47 €8.50

ABV 47%

The origin of this gin dates back to post World War 2 when British commander Mongomery Collins was involved in the restoration of Berlin zoo and he ended up sponsoring a monkey named max. Years later Collins opened a guest house in the black forest, well known for its wild juniper and named it “The Wild Monkey” in honour of Max whom he had sponsored in Berlin. Decades later when the guest house was being renovated, a wooden box was discovered containing a bottle of gin with a hand drawn picture of a monkey on the label and written beneath it was “Wild Monkey Schwarzwald Dry Gin”. Most importantly the wooden box also contained a list of all 47 ingredients needed to create the gin, most of which were available in the black forest plus some well-known Indian spices.

Serving Suggestion: Monkey 47 goes perfectly fresh strawberry to enhance the 47 botanicals contained within it.

Plymouth €5.00

ABV 41.2%

Dating back to 1793 Plymouth original strength comes from the oldest working distillery in England. Plymouth holds the entirety for one four categories of gin available in the world. The gin itself has strong earthy flavours and a good citric bite. The beauty of Plymouth is that no botanical overpowers the other giving a long dry finish, which is why after all these years the recipe has never changed.

Serving Suggestion: Goes beautifully in a Gimlet.


Hendricks €6.80

ABV 41.4%

Launched in 2001 Hendricks is created in miniscule batches of 500 litres which gives their master distiller the greatest possible control her distillation process. Hendricks’s wondrous botanical signature consists of elderflower, chamomile, angelica root and others from the world over. No other gin tastes like Hendricks because no other gin is made like Hendricks.

Serving Suggestion: Hendricks gin is best served with cucumber.

Ophir €6.50

ABV 40%


Ophir oriental spiced gin is a shining example that no two gins are the same. Handpicked, exotic botanicals were chosen for its creation. Botanicals include Indonesian spicy cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander. The final product gives bursts of citrus balanced off with rich earthy aromas and a soft yet consistent spice on the palate. 


Serving suggestion: For a gin with such a strong presence of spice, we recommend a grapefruit twist and red chillies matched with either tonic or ginger ale depending on your own preference to finish it off properly.


Bulldog €6.20

ABV 40%

Made in East Anglia, England Bulldog gin uses 12 botanicals from 8 different countries including Chinese dragon eye, Turkish white poppy seeds, Asian lotus leaves and French lavender, bulldog gin is finally distilled with pure Welsh waters to give a very diverse flavour. All botanicals are always sourced from the same locations to guarantee consistency and with a quadruple distillation process this gin is very pure.

Serving Suggestion: Having such a diverse flavour,  Bulldog gin goes very well with black cherries.

Serving Suggestion: Blackwater distillery state themselves that the best was to enjoy their product is with tonic and fresh lime. 


Ungava €6.80

ABV 43.1%    

This Canadian number is inspired by all things of the Great White North. Ungava is infused with 6 botanicals all sourced from Canada including, nordic juniper, crowberry, cloudberry and saffron. If it’s nothing else its eye catching, add ice to this bright yellow spirit and it turn will turn completely clear, a must see for all gin fans.

Serving Suggestion: Depending whether you prefer sweet or sour, Ungava can work perfectly with either orange or grapefruit.    

Siegfried €10.00

ABV 41%

Known as a Rheinland Dry Gin, Siegfried got its name from its leading botanical Linden Blooms. In an old German poem known as Nibelungenlied, translated as The Song of the Nibelungs the Linden leaf landed on the back of Siegfried the dragon slayer before he went into battle, the reason for choosing this name was to create a connection with their product and their local heritage. The end result gives hints of bitter citrus and thyme on the nose while finishing off with ginger and angelica root on the pallet. Their distillers in Rheinland boast that Siegfried is made in small units, using the finest ingredients, without any industrial tools, artificial flavours or preservatives and plenty of patience to guarantee their gin is of the highest quality possible.

Serving Suggestion:  For a healthy balance of all botanicals, Siegfried can be enjoyed with fresh thyme and a lemon wedge for that citrus bite.

Beefeater 24 €5.50

ABV 45%

The reason for the name Beefeater 24 is because the botanicals are steeped in the spirit for a full 24 hours. The botanicals that include Japanese Sencha tea and aromatic Chinese green tea, orris root and coriander seed are softly put together and then distilled to give a gin that has a long lasting taste and a very upbeat aroma.

Serving Suggestion: Because of its coriander seed flavouring, Beefeater 24 can be enjoyed with fresh Lemon and a single crack of black peppercorn.


Citadelle  €6.20

ABV 44%

This French gin infuses 19 botanicals for 72 hours; it is here that all the aromatic notes are taken in that Citadelle in famous for, after this it is then distilled in a copper pot still over a naked flame for a further 12 hours adding purity to the taste. Strong juniper flavours on the palate and a slight oak finish make the overall tasting experience partially floral.

Serving Suggestion: We recommend fresh lemon and juniper to bring out the best possible flavour. 

Caorunn €7.80

ABV 41.8%

Originating from the Balmenach Distillery Scotland which dates back to 1824, Caorunn is made with rowan berry, heather, dandelion leaf and blush apple creating a gin that has a very refreshing aroma and a crisp, clean, sweet dry and full bodied finish.  Depending on your palate Caorunn will give either a sweet or aromatic impression.

Serving suggestion: Based on both your own palate and our research; Caorunn goes best with fresh apple and either Fentimans or Fever Tree aromatic tonic.

Sipsmith €7.00

ABV 41.6%

The quintessential expression of a modern day London dry gin, Sipsmith is bold and complex, smooth enough for a martini and well enough balanced to be had with tonic. What make this gin so special are the Macedonian juniper berries which give an extra dry finish along lemon tart and orange marmalade undertones, not to forget its amazing floral aroma. Sipsmith is one of the world’s highest rated London dry gins.

Serving suggestion: Have it your way! Sipsmith is best enjoyed in a martini with a lemon twist or with fresh lime and tonic.


Deaths Door €8.00

ABV 47%

Distilled on Washington island in the great state of Wisconsin, Deaths Door gin is created using only three botanicals; juniper, coriander and fennel seeds all of which are sourced either on Washington island itself or within the state. This gin holds all of the flavour of its London dry style without any of the bitter citrus due to its choice in botanicals, the result is a soft aroma and a very herbaceous flavour on the palate that is evenly spread out giving you the ability to taste all three of its botanicals.

Serving suggestion: To coincide with deaths door’s herbaceous flavour, rosemary and thyme are the perfect accompaniment with this American gin.

Fifty Pounds €7.50

ABV 43.5%

 A very handsomely presented London dry style gin created by Thames distillers. Fifty pounds is named after a harsh tax that was levied to all distillers in 1736, being such a high price at the time many distillers had to go out of business and in the six long years of these implications only two companies paid up. This super premium London dry gin steeps its botanicals for over forty eight hours before distillation, giving strong aromas of juniper, coriander, sweet orange, citrus lemon and finishing off with liquorice and angelica on the palate. 

Serving suggestion: Based on its botanicals, for that healthy balance of citrus and sweetness Fifty Pounds gin goes excellently with both a lemon and orange twist.

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Gin €8.20

ABV 43.3%       

A gin that has no comparison, Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Gin uses a very traditional method of cold compounding its botanicals which include juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom in a high quality copper pot still. The finished product is a very interesting flavour lightly influenced by its botanicals which both is strong and perfumed all at once.

Serving Suggestion: To further enhance this gin it is best to serve with cloves and orange for spice and sweetness.   


Puerto de Indias Strawberry €6.20

ABV 37.5%

Created by mistake, this Seville based gin was initially meant to be a strawberry liqueur but when the master distiller accidentally added the mashed strawberries to a gin he was also working on he got Puerto de India’s strawberry gin and as the old saying goes the rest is history. Of a London dry style, fresh Seville strawberries are added with a delicate touch of liquorice giving a nice sweet and dry flavour all at once. Intense aromas of juniper combined with very subtle citrus finish off this reduction perfectly. 

Serving suggestion: Fresh strawberries and orange twist followed by a Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic compliment this accidental spirit in the best way possible.

Breil Pur €9.00

ABV 45%

Organic, Swiss and of London dry style, Breil Pur is of clear and clean in appearance with strong character on the nose, this gin has many different quirks all of which is well balanced by a distinct juniper note and quite well harmonized with botanicals such as mint, lemon and orange makes it refreshing and floral all at once. Finally Breil Pur is creamy on the palate for a long lasting finish.

Serving Suggestion: Breil Pur is very well suited with Mint and Lime.








Fentimans Tonic

                                                     Poachers Tonic                                                           

                                                 Fever Tree Tonic                                                           

                                      Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic                                        

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic

Fever Tree Ginger Ale

                             Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade                                 

Thomas Henry Tonic      

                               Thomas Henry Slim Tonic                                            

                                          Schweppes Tonic                                                       

                      Schweppes White Lemonade                                      

                    Goslings Ginger Beer                                    


Gin Cocktails


Pink Lady €10

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Chambord, Fresh Orange, Fresh Lemon, Grenadine, Egg white1

Gin & Basil Smash €10

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lemon, Sugar, Basil leaves & Egg1

Blackwater Bramble €11

Blackwater No 5, Blackwater Sloe Gin, Blackberry Purée, Raspberry Purée, Fresh Lemon, Crème de Cassis 

Gimlet €10

Plymouth Gin, Fresh Lime, Lime Cordial     

Apple and Elderflower Blossom €11

St Patricks Elderflower Gin, Apple Liqueur, Fresh Lemon, Apple Juice, Agave Syrup, Mint

Brockmans Old Fashioned €12

Brockmans Gin, Grapefruit Bitters, Peach Bitters, Sugar

Lemon and Basil White Lady €10

Homemade Lemon and Basil Infused Gin, Cointreau, fresh Lemon, Egg1

Old Tom Martinez €10

Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Angostura Bitters

Seville Punch €12

Ungava Gin, Cointreau, Fresh Orange, Tonic

Aviation2 €11

Aviation Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Crème de Violette, Fresh Lemon

                                                         Tanqueray 10 Martini €14                                                              

Shaken or Stirred? Olive or Twist? Your call!!

With the vast range of gins available in the Pink Lounge, we can tailor a martini to any taste with almost any gin, just ask your gin professional.



Pannier Brut

Minimum age 3 years

                                                                                                                              €12.50 per glass
                                                                                                                              €45 per half bottle
                                                                                                                                €80 per bottle


Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial

€120 per bottle

Veuve Cliquot NV

€130 per bottle


Blanc de blanc, 100% chardonnay

€180 per bottle

Dom Perignon


€400 per bottle


Pannier Brut Rose

Minimum age 3 years

€90 per bottle


Moet and Chandon Rose Brut Imperial

€120 per bottle


Champagne Cocktails

Kir Royal                                                                                 €14

Pannier Champagne & Chambord black raspberry liqueur

                                                                                    Ross 75                                                                        €14                                                                      

Bombay Sapphire, St Germain Elderflower, Fresh Lemon topped up with Pannier Champagne

Elderflower Bubbles €14

St Germain Elderflower topped with Pannier Champagne



Allergen Information

1 Contains Eggs

2 Contains Sulphites